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Chef Bamboo, Jo Tinhat & Friends

Bamboo has been a chef for more than twenty years and specializes in vegetarian, vegan and raw foods. He's studied the cuisines of Europe, Asia and the Americas and cooks at festivals, retreat centers, and events around the globe. His inspiration is in using local, sustainable, organic ingredients to create healthy delicious meals.
That, and mac 'n' cheese.
Jo Tinhat is a fire twirling writer from England with a passion for Eastern philosophy, yoga, and balanced nutrition.
Life has led her from the Ashrams of India to the mountains of West China, from the Buddhism of Japan, to the Volcanoes of Java. 
Jo teaches Satyananda and Kundalini yoga, offers sound healing,
writes songs, and serves the perfect cup of tea.

Bamboo and Jo Tinhat crossed paths in Bali, Indonesia. As they meandered across the planet from Laos and Thailand to Nepal, the idea for Sacred beetS began to grow roots. Between them, they’ve lived, loved and cooked in more than twenty countries across five continents. 

Bamboo is available for private cooking workshops on vegan cuisine & raw desserts. Contact [email protected] for details.

Dina is an artist, nature worshipper and berry hunter.
Her work combines inspiration from the plant world, every day life,
inter-dimensional realities and the subconscious mind. Her mediums include painting, drawing and mural work.
 Dina created The Beet Box and Sacred beetS logos!
See more at http://www.dinainspace.com

"Only the growth of LOVE among people can change society for the better... All of history is the story of the increasing manifestation of this law of harmony among all living beings."
Leo Tolstoy, 1910
Tune back into 432 Hz and dance to the
Sacred beetS...
We believe in living and eating in balance with the earth’s natural rhythms.
We believe in making grounded choices about food.  
We know it can be produced sustainably while satisfying us fully.
Our lives exist in sync with the sacred vibrations of the cosmos.
We see this in the life cycles of each beautiful vegetable that sprouts from the earth,
to perfectly nourish us through the seasons.
We choose local, seasonal produce grown using organic methods.
We source our ingredients from Hudson Valley farmers we know and trust.
Every Beet Box meal offers a wealth of nutrition that’s easy to digest.
We live in a world of abundance.
Many of us are undernourished yet overfed.
Simple choices about what we eat can transport us to full health, and increase the lifespan of our being, our species and our planet.
Please join us in spreading the love and making life delicious.