Local . Organic . Vegan . Eats

Original recipes inspired by our love of balanced nutrition, international flavors and planet earth .

​​Beet Burger

gluten free

hand-made patty on a buckwheat blini with
lettuce . tomato . onion 'Beetchup'
& vegan sunflower aioli

​​Philly Beet Steak

sliced beet on a roll with grilled mushrooms, onions, peppers, 'Beetchup' & cashew cheez


Tempeh 'Bacon', Lettuce, Tomato on
organic multigrain toast with vegan sunflower aioli

​​Kale Salad

with grated carrots, beets, peppers &
house-made tropical avocado dressing

gluten free


​​Elephant Juice

Green Juice with ginger & lime

​​Pink Elephant Juice

Iced Hibiscus Tea with ginger & lime

​​Jamu Jamu

Citrus Juice with turmeric & black pepper

Berry Kale Smoothie​

Watermelon Juice

Autumn Specials

Bandaloop Borscht

traditional hot beet soup - warming & delicious

Coconut Chai

organic black tea, coconut cream, Indian spices

Golden Milk 

warming vegan turmeric  coconut tea
blended with  Ayurvedic spices

Aphrodite's Beet Cheezcake

Chocolate Ganesh

Bliss Balls

Creamy Carrot Cake